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Nová výstavba - samostatné rodiné domy, pozemky 800 m2

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Toto bydlení vřele doporučuje

Aneta Christovová,

známá moderátorka


Living in a quiet environment and benefiting from the characteristics of modern age at the same time has become easier in Vinarice. A team of qualified specialists has prepared a housing project meeting quality of living requirements with low investment and operating costs.


Generous space in and outside the house wil give intimate atmosphere with gated-like group of only 9 new houses will give alike neighbourhood.

Project is weel supported with actual mortgage options and housing subsidies.

Considering buying a nice house in a quiet area?

This golden opportunity offers a first-class residential and energy saving houses in various sizes in the Vinarice village near Prague, surrounded by pure nature with beautiful meadows and forrests.

It is suitable for families with small children as well as busy people who need a place to relax and regain energy in while being only 25 minutes away by car from Prague and 7 minutes away from shopping centers.

The location is provided with all essential amenities, including sport amenities, day nursery and primary school.




Hledáte dům s pozemkem do 3 000 000 Kč ?